Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cherry Blossom Pink, How Mircrosoft took Japan - Work in Progress

Welcome to my first post. I'm starting with a simple picture post entry. I've got some education related posts lined up, stuff that I'm certain will reveal deep universal art secrets, but for now I'm just looking to get my feet wet on this blogging stuff. I'm also looking for feedback on a couple of specific elements in my recent picture. You don't mind commenting, do you?

"Wait! Are you just crowd-sourcing me for art feedback?"

You seem unconvinced that following this blog is worth your time.

"Where do I benefit?" You ask dismissively.

I'll tell you where you benefit! By taking part in my blog you'll...
Get a behind the scenes look at the art world.
Learn how to become rich and famous as a comic or manga artist.
Revel in personal drama and intrigue.
Gleam HOT insider knowledge on how an award winning artist develops his art.
Have a say on where I take my projects. Perfect for control freaks or aspiring art directors.

(The above was said with a tongue-in-cheek inflection.)

So this is the new idea. I'm trying something different. Art that's big, dramatic, has a message, is geeky, and editorial-ish.

Original Concept for Microsoft takes Japan:
Microsoft does what it takes to win the war for the videogame counsel market in Japan. Halo is rebranded to feature a sakura blossom pink suited Master Chief, with a face of a cutesy anime girl (cel style face?), and the flowing glossy black hair of a princess . A tsunami wave rips around the front of the picture and crest overtop of Tokyo. The wave is made of millions of green dollar bills. Foamy water droplets are glittering coins. The sky is red and white. The symbolic sun from the imperial Japanese flag rises over the city, but the center of the red sun is slashed through by Microsoft's trademark neon green X-box 360 logo. Consider putting dollar symbols or yen symbol in corner or in the wave?

I have three slightly different versions of Mistress Chief-Chan. The rendering is crude. Disregard that. Focus on the character's pose and how it ties in with the overall image. Tell me which you think works the best.

The first has concept has the character staring out at the viewer with an adorable face, as if to say, "We did it! We took Japan!" From my POV I think this version focuses the viewer's attention on the character at the expensive of the rest of the picture. I lock eyes with her and the image becomes a pin-up. What do you think?

The second version takes the most of the pose from the first and refocuses the character's face towards the mainland. She looks more accomplished and solemn. "We did our job..." is what I think her look says. Should this be the one I use? It's less cute but more... deep?

The third and final version has her posed differently and turned more towards the action. Her helmet looks like it was just removed and her gun rests on a shoulder strap. She has the same solemn look of the second version, but the pose makes her seem more concerned with events and less with a viewer. She doesn't seem to realize there is a viewer in this version. How voyeuristic. :p

So that's what I have. I hope you enjoyed this little exercise. If you have any thoughts, let me know. I can't seem to pick one.