Friday, October 9, 2009

Pegasus Anthro in the Clouds - WIP

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a flying Pegasus anthro in a flowing white gown. This image is from my upcoming book, Draw Furries. Since we weren’t able to fit a step-by-step demo for this image in the book, (you know, limited space in publishing and all that) I’ve posted a series of buildup sketches, and work-in-progress snapshots of the painting process here on my blog.

Now here’s a meaningless question to ponder. Are Pegasi an offshoot horse species, a specific breed of horse, or can any horse be a Pegasus if you slap a pair of wings on them?

Anthro Pegasus under development. From basic form thumbnail to rough sketch.

Final sketch.

Color WIP. Follow the numbers.


  1. The colors on this are ok, and the flow on the dress is nice, but wings do not work that way. You're missing the humerus, and the radius/ulna area is too long. Those feathers look like pillows more so than feathers. It would have really worked well on this piece had you actually done the feathers correctly. Especially given that the dress and hair look so nice. Lastly, the skull structure on this girl needs a second run. I understand you are aiming for stylization, but you still could have given her a more believable skull structure while still keeping the same dainty look.

  2. The previous commenter failed to mention that the poor horse's legs are very misshapen. One is skinnier than the other (both are rather flimsy looking) and look...broken. Like, how would legs bend that way?

  3. You should not draw furries! You are a horrible artist. Please die! Or learn anatomy!