Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Absolved - Sketch Complete

As of 11AM, the sketch is done. My old friend, the snake tool (a flexible curve), came in handy. Half way to a completed picture. Certainly is different for me.

Absolved - In a dark space, a man is huddled in a drunken stupor, grasping a huge bottle of alcohol. Images signifying the man's desires erupt out of the open container. In this ethereal world, life's a party. Glitter, confetti, and pixie dust intermingle with money, cars, and women. Bright lights and magic reside inside the bottle, outside, there’s nothing but grim dark reality. Dreams don’t come true.
Toilet=disillusionment, or possibly the next destination.

Well, that was emo.

...Next picture, smiling girls and panties... maybe ;)

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